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September Love (Daft Punk x Earth Wind & Fire)


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TitleSeptember Love (Daft Punk x Earth Wind & Fire)


Men In Black (1997)

I think that this was the real test, it’s logic, why would you write a test without a table, when there is a table in the center of the room?

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Did he reference the Titanic before it was made?

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OTAKool Evangelion hoodies by SiCostumesTricks on Etsy

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When I was 12, revealed to my mommy that I don’t believe in God. She looked at me wild-eyed and screamed, “So when you’re laying there dying on the hospital bed, who is going to save you?? SCIENTISTS?!”

And I said, “Yes, mommy, they’re called Doctors.”

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A collection of contemporary reviews of The Transformers: The Movie.

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Full House reunion, Uncle Jesse comes out as  being bisexual, Danny admits to having a cleaning obsession and is trying to go to therapy for his problem, Michelle finds out she has a twin and you get a “Parent Trap” remake with Danny’s therapist.

I want a Friends reunion special where we find out that Ross and Rachel have been married and divorced 5 times, Joey tried to go into acting but was in a show that got cancelled called ‘Joey’, and nobody really cares about the rest.